6×01 – ”The Line” Sneak Peeks

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Season 6 News: First 2 Episodes Titles Revealed, ‘Frasier’ Alum to Join Show

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The season 6 premiere episode of “The Good Wife” is a week away, and fans will be happy to know that there are some last-minutes spoilers before the show officially begins.

This year’s season premiere episode is called “The Line.” Could it be referring to a line that is going to be crossed by Alicia (Julianna Margulies)?

“Alicia is adamant about her refusal to run for State’s Attorney despite Eli’s attempts to persuade her to launch a campaign. Meanwhile, as Diane (Christine Baranski) considers joining Florrick/ Agos as partner, an internal crisis threatens to destroy the firm,” the synopsis reads.

CBS has released a season 6 preview showing Eli asking Alicia to run for office, and she is seen telling him several times that she has no interest in running. However, this doesn’t mean that she won’t be changing her mind.

The drama continues in the second episode, titled “Trust Issues.” According to TVLine, the episode will prominently feature new cast member Taye Diggs in his role as Lockhart/ Gardner equity partner Dean Levine-Wilkins.

Meanwhile, a new character is going to be making waves on the show. Zap2it reports that “Frasier” alum David Hyde Pierce will be joining the cast as a “highly respected cable news legal commentator who is so disgusted with the corruption and murder rate in Chicago that he decides to run for office in order to affect change.” This will be Pierce’s first TV role since “Frasier” wrapped in 2004.

Show runners Robert and Michelle King were ecstatic about Pierce joining the cast of “The Good Wife.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled and flattered that David’s making ‘The Good Wife’ his first television role since ‘Frasier’. We’re tremendous fans of his dramatic skills as well as his comedy,” they said in a statement.

“The Good Wife” season 6 premieres on Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.


CBS Fall Promo

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‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Premiere “The Line” Makes It Sound Like Something’s About To Be Crossed

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An interesting review of the pilot title and assumptions on the premiere.

The Good Wife is one of those television shows feels like it has been on the air since the birth of television. You mean it’s only going into its sixth season? You mean they’ve packed this much drama into only 112 episodes? The Good Wife has lived the life of fifteen different television dramas, and it’s still only getting better — and if you need more proof, check out the fact that Juliana Margulies just won another much deserved Emmy. Last year’s Season 5 finale was titled “A Weird Year,” and it most certainly was, especially for the Florrick/Agos firm. This year’s The Good Wife Season 6 premiere is called “The Line,” and it sounds like something that’s about to be crossed.

Let’s remember how last season finished. The end of the weird year had Eli, kind of bluntly, asking Alicia if she’s interested in running for State’s Attorney. She blurted out a shocked, “What?” like she was about to follow it up with a big belly laugh. But Eli seemed serious: he is on the hunt for a needs a new candidate, in the wake of Finn Polmar bowing out of the race.

CBS released a short Good Wife Season 6 preview that shows Eli asking, once again, if Alicia will run for office. Then, the preview shows Alicia telling Eli again (and again) that she has “no interest” in running. Suuuure. Something will change her mind. Maybe this is the “line” she’s going to have to cross — the literal political line when she starts her campaign.

Or, this “line” could involve Diane (side note: I love Christine Baranski so, so much). She also made an offer to Alicia in the season finale, but this one involved a partnership and lots and lots of money. She’s willing to bring fifteen boatloads of money to the table — $38 million, to be exact, and enough to buy a actual fleet of boats. Now, that’s a line, and on the other side of the line, the grass is really, really green. This is the most logical “line” to be crossed, because the trailer basically gives away the fact that the firm becomes Florrick, Argos, and Lockheart… oh my.

But what about Finn? We get a quick second of him raising a glass with Alicia and while we’ve been promised that Alicia and Finn won’t become a “thing,” I’m betting that’s a clever evasion — just like Alicia’s continual insistence that she won’t run for State’s Attorney. Maybe this line is Alicia crossing over from business to pleasure.

The point is, whatever the episode title refers to, something is going to get crossed and change everything. Last season shook up the foundation of The Good Wife and everyone is still dealing with those ramifications. Obviously, things can only get more complicated from here. In closing, I’ve wanted to make a Thin Red Line/Walk The Line joke this entire time, and I can’t figure out how to so if you can think of one, let me know.


Mega Buzz: A Good Wife Crisis

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Is Diane actually going to join Florrick/Agos on The Good Wife? — Brenda
Alicia certainly wants her to, but she and Cary may not see eye-to-eye on that topic. Even so, things are set in motion for Diane’s shift — she already has her story lined up for her clients and David Lee and Canning — until an unforeseen crisis not only puts that on the back burner, but also pits several characters against each other.


‘The Good Wife': Your One-Minute Refresher

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Season 6 of The Good Wife returns Sept. 21 at 9:30 p.m on CBS. (Note the special time, courtesy of football runover.) Season 5 was one of the best—and most dramatic—in the show’s history, and star Julianna Margulies walked away with an Emmy as proof. See where the show left off by watching EW’s 60-second refresher video.


6×01 – 6×02 – Additional Stills

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Added some more stills of episode 6×01 and 6×02 in the gallery.

Archie Panjabi: ‘Good’ Girl

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‘The Good Wife’ actress Archie Panjabi on the show’s serious twists and her best beauty tips

Archie Panjabi is a fantastic actress. If you need hard proof, see the Emmy she won in 2010 for her portrayal of Kalinda Sharma, the stone-faced, ruthless investigator on the Chicago-set CBS series “The Good Wife.” But for more anecdotal evidence, simply talk to the actress: In real life, Panjabi, 42, is everything her award-winning character isn’t — lighthearted, energetic and constantly laughing.

“I always find it very funny that my character so rarely smiles — let alone laughs — on the show, and yet I find it very difficult to keep a straight face,” says the London-born Panjabi in her charming British accent. “I always end up with tears of laughter and my dear, wonderful makeup artist is constantly having to retouch my makeup.”

But when “The Good Wife’s” sixth season premieres Sept. 21, viewers will only get a glimpse of Panjabi’s serious side. For those unfamiliar with the legal drama’s tumultuous story arc, here’s a quick primer: Last season, the show made headlines when it abruptly killed off main character Will Gardner (Josh Charles), Kalinda’s friend and boss. “People were genuinely shocked by it,” Panjabi remembers. “So many friends — even [those] in the business — called me the night the episode aired and asked if I was OK.”

This season, Kalinda finds her allegiances challenged as her law firm continues to face off against its competitor, run by her friend Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and her on-again/off-again lover Cary (Matt Czuchry). “I think it’s safe to say that there are going to be more surprises and twists [this season],” teases Panjabi. “[There’ll be] interesting developments between Cary and Kalinda. You think they’re never going to be friends again, [then you think] they’re going to be friends or lovers. You’re never quite sure. I think this season you’re going to still be equally confused, even though there’s progress.”


6×02 – “Trust Issues” Stills + Press Release

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Thanks to Claudia I’ve added 2 pictures of the good wife episode 6×02 and one more of episode 6×01.

Sort description of 6×02 Trust Issues below.

“Trust Issues” – Alicia scrambles to hold onto Florrick/Agos’ biggest client as the firm continues to struggle with an internal legal crisis. Meanwhile, Diane continues to plot her move from Lockhart/Gardner and looks for partners to bring with her to the new firm, on THE GOOD WIFE, Sunday, Sept. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Taye Diggs guest stars as Dean Levine-Wilkins, an equity partner in Lockhart/Gardner’s New York office.

6×01 – ”The Line” Extended Promo

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